About Kyle Design Ltd

Based in Scotland, Kyle Design Ltd is a forward-thinking mechanical engineering company specialising in the design and development of bespoke machinery. Automation is one of our key services, such as pick and place, product transfer, and product manufacture. We’re mechanical design experts, and this has allowed us to provide high-quality services since our launch in 2003. Our team have more than 30 years’ experience, so get in touch today!

Reasons to Choose Us

From basic cam-driven to servo-controlled bespoke machines, we have options to fulfill most jobs. Innovative designs are one of our key strengths. These designs improve our clients’ profitability by keeping them ahead of the competition.

Machines and mechanisms are designed using CAD/CAM, using the latest automation techniques which keep our clients at the front for automation.

Everything Else We Do

We can also manufacture pad printing jigs and fixtures, from simple to complex parts held accurately and consistently with the minimum of effort for hand feeding. We can also produce complete turnkey systems with bowl feed and pick and place services to put the parts directly onto the pad printing machine.

Recent investments in CAD/CAM and CNC machinery ensure precise and cost-effective parts for our clients, and our goal is to provide innovative solutions to your problems.

Contact us, in Scotland,

to speak to us about our mechanical design services.