Quality CAD Design Services in Scotland

Using SolidWorks we design in 3D to produce the optimum design. At Kyle Design Ltd, we offer 3D CAD design, with Assembly and detail drawing, which means that you can see in detail the product or part you’re getting before it’s produced.

If you have your own design, you can send it through to us and we can use the 3D model to create the part perfectly for you. We can tweak any designs that you send to us if the design isn't perfect. Call us now to learn more.

What We Offer

We can create anything from single parts up to hundreds of parts. We work closely with clients to give a comprehensive service. To complete this work effectively, we send you a design and then work with you to tweak it to perfection.

To learn more about our

CAD and 3D design options, contact us, in Scotland.